Preferred Data Solutions
3007 Knight St. Ste. 102
Shreveport, LA 71105

Preferred Data Solutions Opens for Business

Local Mark Rinaudo opens Shreveport's first data hosting center.

On January 15, 2007, Shreveport native Mark Rinaudo officially opened Preferred Data Solutions, a server hosting and network solutions business. Preferred Data Solutions is the first business of its kind in the Shreveport area, and will provide local businesses with a secure and monitored environment to host their web servers or store their data off-site. PDS also provide e-mail solutions, web hosting, network consulting, and Linux management.

Preferred Data Solutions is the brain child of Mark Rinaudo. Rinaudo received his bachelor's degree in computer science from LSU-S in 2001. From there, he went on to serve as the network administrator at local software company Bowman Systems. While there, Rinaudo built their data center from the ground up, growing it to over one hundred servers with a fire suppression system, battery backup power, and 5 tons of cooling. While Rinaudo works frequently with Windows machines and networking solutions, his specialty is in the open-source operating system, Linux. He provides Linux servers to customers who host with him, as well as on-site Linux consulting.

Many local companies rely heavily on servers and networking. However, most companies can only handle the technical needs of these machines to a certain extent, and often need specialized help to keep their data secure, up-to-date, and always working. Rinaudo believes that his business will fill that need, "I started this business because there was a need for a company here in town to provide complete and managed network solutions."

For more information on Preferred Data Solutions hosting and consulting, you can e-mail Mark at mark@, or call him at (318) 550-3381.